Below is a summary of the modifications that have been made to the PPG Access suite of programs subsequent to the release of the 10.1.05 CD.

You might find that you haven't experienced some of the errors described below however, it is still important and highly recommended that you keep up to date with the latest software available by downloading these updates.

Estimate Manager
EQ32.EXE (11.3.0166)

  • Interfaces with Paint Manager for the creation of paint Purchase Orders.
  • Modification to ensure that a number of functions within Estimate Manager work under Windows Vista without timing out, crashing or denying access.
  • A database updater (Upddb10_1.exe) is executed to ensure data structure is compatible with the software version.
  • An issue blocking alterations to the Price/Unit column in ORM quotes has been corrected.
  • The export to WebTrim of actual cost data for non-labour items (parts, sublets, etc.) has been enhanced.
  • Supports the AAMI on-line quoting protocol PNet
  • Supports on-line invoicing to PNet
  • Supports the transmission of up to 12 images to PNet
  • Direct links to MYOB for NZ customers are supported.
  • Interfaces with the AccessParts system for retrieval of part numbers and pricing.
  • Supports the export of data to the BodyNet body shop management system.
  • Displays the WebTrim export button when status is still "Quote" so that pending jobs may be exported for scheduling purposes.
  • Changes the job status to "Finished" only when main invoice is produced. Significant for  WebTrim jobs.
  • WebTrim export modified to include relevant dates.
  • Supports the introduction of the NRMA version of NTAR (New Times and Rates) including ORM.
  • Allows insertion of new lines in unsent PNet quotes.
  • Supports SMS Messaging from Estimate Manager. (An account must be set up and configured before this feature is active). 
  • An SMS logging database is added to the data folder to support the SMS Messaging process.
  • Features a highlight behind the Customer Name field when there are Quote Detail items marked as customer extras.
  • Allows filtration of the Job Details screen by Item Type, Additional level or Customer Extras
  • Fixes and issue with NTAR  allowing item numbers to be directly entered to the Job Details screen.
  • Allows export to MYOB of purchases to send invoice number only instead of order no + invoice number. (New default code MCIO).
  • Ensures that  invoice details are posted to WebTrim  when no changes have been made other than printing the invoice.
  • Prevents messages with characters from extended character sets being sent to ORM.
  • Allows entry of negative quoted hours/quantity numbers in electronic quotes.
  • Supports automatic dissection of insurance invoices by labour & parts categories.
  • Handles changes to consumable rates for NTAR quotes (leaves existing quote with unchanged consumable rate). 
  • Corrects a GST problem with posting of supplier invoices to MYOB.
  • Corrects a problem with entering assemblies on NTAR quotes.
  • Supresses printing of consumables and materials on job sheets for NTAR quotes
  • In MYOB import, forces GST dissections to match total GST payable. 
  • Corrects problem with PNet quotes where unsent items were locked when fresh assessments were processed.
  • Updates NTAR consumables and materials calculations on every save.
  • Corrects a problem with calculation of GST on automatic MYOB dissections by item type.
  • Allows searching for quotes by Customer's Mobile Phone Number to support SMS Messaging.
  • Supports a change to the data structure of WebTrim.
  • Fixes a problem with Crystal Quote where negative values were always labeled as discounts.
  • Incorporates the latest updates to the display of NTAR consumables and materials, particularly where paint item type has been changed.
  • Files required for the conversion to the latest version of ORM (QDE3) have been provided.
  • Ensures  sublet items are handled correctly - both miscellaneous and direct billed.
  • Contains some modifications to allow Enterprise functions to work correctly.
  • Overcomes issues with loading Assemblies to estimates.
  • Fixes an error arising from double-clicking on the Part Number field in sublets on ORM quotes.
  • Supports e-MTA times (addressing issues with integration of e-MTA with other concurrent modifications)
  • Body Style is correctly set in ORM quotes, even where the vehicle is not selected from the NRMA vehicle list.
  • Issues with copying and duplication of quotes have been corrected.
  • Prevents crashing when Estimate encounters gaps in e-MTA times data.
  • Supports the changeover process for the new GST Tax rate (NZ only)
  • Fixes a problem with opening the purchase order module in quotes where POs have already been created.
  • Keeps hidden columns hidden.
  • Fixes a problem with setting GST% on new quotes.
  • Corrects an issue with the same user opening quotes on different computers.
  • Supports
  • Corrects a NZ problem with GST% on copied quotes.
  • Allows correct printing of consumables & materials on eMTA quotes.
  • Fixes a problem with e-MTA connections.
  • Corrects a problem with sending PNet Additionals.
  • Supports PNet Version 4
  • Supports changes to the structure of the NTAR "Sundries" data.
  • Prevents incorrectly changing Order Number when crediting parts in Purchase Ordering
  • Changes the WebTrim export  to send value line by line.
  • Fixes a problem with the display of SMS Log.
  • Corrects a problem with the "binoculars" search where quotes could not be found unless they had been opened previously.
  • Speeds up the binoculars search.
  • Fixes a problem with Luxury Times and Rates
  • Fixes a problem with saving quotes when invoices are manually numbered.
  • Fixes problems with importing eMTA times using item codes.
  • Allows for the export of materials and consumables (NTAR & eMTA) to Stelvio Estimage on Additional quotes. (Requires a new StelvioXml.exe)
  • Provides the option of locking estimates on invoicing.
  • Fixes an issue relating to synchronisation of Estimate with PartsCheck
MAILBOX.EXE  (11.4.0043)
  • Supports the AAMI online quoting protocol PNet and ongoing updates
  • Improve pnet error handling and rounding
  • Works under Windows Vista.
  • Supports NTAR (New Times & Rates)
  • Allows insertion of lines in Additionals by assessor
  • Supports PNet Version 3.1
  • Fixes a PNet issue with blank Odometer readings
  • Handles insertion of lines by assessors on NTAR quotes
  • Processes ORM item deletions differently in line with revisions to  ORM procedures.
  • PNet Claim Description (accident details, damage, etc.) is copied to Notepad.
  • Changes the way negative parts values are handled in PNet assessed quotes.
  • Prevents changes to excess causing deletion of lines inserted into PNet quotes by assessors.
  • Prevents overwriting of existing lines in PNet quotes when assessor inserts a line.
  • Prevents scrambling of items on ORM  NTAR quotes when the default paint code is changed.
  • Displays message number. 
  • Ensures unsuccessful messages do not remain in the message transmission folder.
  • Writes error messages to the log file for both common error types, i.e. those recorded during  transmission and those detected after transmission and sent as a subsequent message.
  • Mailbox correctly clears situations where  messages which have already been sent are sent again.
  • A problem with displaying message numbers has been corrected.
  • Checks Arnie XML messages for incorrect number format.
  • Corrects a problem with Miscellaneous items on Arnie quotes where quantity is greater than 1.
  • Allows only one connection at a time to prevent conflicts between computers.
  • Supports PNet Version 4 and associated issues.
  • Prevents lines being lost on processing PNet  assessments.

DASHBOARD.EXE (10.1.0065)

  • "What's New" feature which monitors the web site for changes.
  • Handles (without crashing) situations where the "What's New" feed is faulty or unavailable.

IMAGES32.EXE (10.0.0009)
  • Supports selection of images for transmission to PNet
  • Allows images to be resized from within Business Manager software.
TRANSACT.EXE (9.99.0040)
  • Supports
  • Supports PNet Version 4
  • A new MYOB Utility and MYOB Import support direct links to MYOB for NZ customers.
  • New modules supporting the new update website ( have been posted.
  • A new MYOB Utility and MYOB Import  for Version 8 of MYOB Direct.
  • A new version of HaspInfo.exe has been released with the capability of updating hasps on 64-bit Windows 7.

Calendar.exe (8.07.0002)
CommsPartners.exe (10.00.0002)
Jobcost.exe (10.00.0002)
Maintenance.exe (10.00.0004)
ReportSelect.exe (9.01.0012)
Transact.exe (9.99.0026)
UserAdmin.exe (10.00.0002)
MYOBImport.exe (
Financials Calendar update
Update Calendar to add 12 months to the financial calendar. Please note that this function is separate to the "Update business Manager" button. It can also be run from the Admin Utilities menu.

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