Updates are delivered to Paint Manager computers via the Communications Manager (COMMs) program. However some updates are available here for when required.

Updates as of 14/7/2011
File Notes
PM-patch64.exe 14/7/2011 Fix for HASP problems running Paint Manager on Windows 64-bit Operating systems.
Run on 64-bit machine and point the updater to the folder when PaintManager is running - usually C:\DARTS
(This updater should only be run on 64-bit systems)
RapidMatchDriver.exe 27/7/2011 Updated USB driver for RapidmatchTM (Prophet II) spectro
Supports 32 and 64 bit systems. Download and run this program before plugging the spectro in.

Older updates
DartsUpdater807.exe 2/7/2008 Fix problem with Stock control for some users

Previous UpdatesFeatures
(all included in current release)

Scrolls variant list back to top when running Click and Go
- makes sure all Variant/Specials are included in selection

·    Support for new Sartorius PMS7501 balances
(Note: Special cable needed for these balances)
·    'Show specials' now toggles between Show & Hide
·    Default 'Show Specials' behaviour can be configured
Particularly useful for Prophet II / Click & Go users
        (should set to 'Show specials by default' on Colour Config)

·    Weighing accuracy tolerance for RFU can be separately set in Config
·    Updated HelpDesk support application to accommodate extra support staff

Also Update Click n Go Spectro app version 5.4.4
·    Fix intermittent lockup on downloading readings