Microsoft Jet Updates (Use these updates at the direction of the BMSG Help Desk) The following links allow installation of Microsoft Jet Database Engine Service Pack 8 for the following operating systems:

Updates Please note that the majority of these program downloads are freely available elsewhere on the internet but are not the property of PPG Access and subject to any licencing agreements displayed during installation. Please read the licence agreements carefully.
Description File Notes
Windows XP Jet40SP8_WinXP.exe Jet Update for WinXP
Windows 2000 Jet40SP8_Win2000.exe Jet Update for Win2000
Windows 2003 Server Jet40SP8_Win2003server.exe Jet Update for Win2003 Server
Windows 95, 98, NT Jet40SP8_9xNT.exe Windows 95/ Windows 98/ Windows NT (Not Win ME)
MDAC 2.5 mdac_typ_2.5.exe MDAC 2.5 Installation