Business Manager version 10.1 (cd 10.01.05) was released and mailed to all maintenance customers in April 2007. (Installation notes). As there have been significant changes since it was created, including the implementation of PNET (AAMI) and Access Parts, please update your Business Manager system using the links below.
To run updates, click on the File link . When asked whether to RUN or SAVE the file, choose "Save” or “Save this program to disk". Hint: save the update file on your desktop by selecting “Desktop” from the “Save in:” box. After the update file has been saved, either chose 'OPEN' to run the update right away, or run the file from your hard disk. The file will then update your system automatically.
Some of the changes concern the use of Windows Vista. Click here to view the current PPGAccess policy regarding Vista.

Description File Notes
TeamViewer TeamViewer
TeamViewer remote support package. This software works effectively in all current versions of Windows.
AllFiles business Manager Update Files updated since the CD was released. (Release Notes)
Important : Dashboard MUST be closed to apply this update successfully.
Includes updates for ORM Version QDE3, NTAR times, AAMI PNet Version 4, SMS Messaging,, e-MTA and many other features.
Need HELP with updating?
HelpDesk Remote Support tool to run the PPG Access Helpdesk application for remote assistance. If you see a message regarding a missing DLL file click this link.
PCHelpware Remote Support Tool PCHelpWar Remote Support a remote assistance application compatible with Windows 7 and Vista

Utility Programs Please note that the majority of these program downloads are freely available elsewhere on the Internet but are not the property of PPG Access and subject to any licencing agreements displayed during installation. Please read the licence agreements carefully.
Description File Notes
TeamViewer Download TeamViewer Remote Support package
Update Business Manager Version 11 Download Update Business Manager software modules for customers who have installed a Version 11 CD.
NTAR Database Download New Times & Rates database NTAR.MDB (8Mb). Check News Item for details of when this database was updated.
New Zealand GST Rate Increase Check the news item for details including a further link to illustrated instructions for conversion to the new rate.
DotNet Framework support Download Files required to support the PNet and QDE3 online quoting protocols. Note that this updater is a large file and may take some time to download
Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view PDF files.
Unlocker Download a utility to detect and release locking handles placed on files by Windows XP, 2000 and 2003
Update Calendar Update Calendar This will add a further 12 months to the calendar in your Business Manager Financials, allowing you to create transactions for these months.
Manual Helpdesk Download Alternative version of Helpdesk program - use only with direction from the helpdesk
Vista SingleClick Download BETA! Version of Helpdesk with enhanced Vista support
Helpdesk DLL Fix Download Fixes a common system problem which prevents the Helpdesk module from running.
Network Speed Diagnostic Tool Download Measure the performance of your network between your local disc and your Business Manager data folder.
Image resizer for WinXP Download Setup program for Image Resizer Powertoy (Windows XP only). Once installed, this program works with Windows Explorer to resize image files.
Image resizer for Win7 (32-bit) Download A clone of Image Resizer Powertoy which works on Windows 7 and Vista (32-bit versions)
Image resizer for Win7 (64-bit) Download A clone of Image Resizer Powertoy which works on Windows 7 (64-bit version)
VSO Image Resizer Download VSO Image Resizer Version 1. An alternative to Microsoft Resizer Powertoy which works on versions of Windows other than XP and in most network configurations.
Cam2PC Image Management Download Cam2PC setup program. Once installed, this program manages image downloads from digital cameras, including resizing of images.
Java 5.0 Update 2 Download Setup program for Java 5.0 Runtime Environment. Once installed, recently created Java websites, including the IAG WRM site, are accessible.
Foxit PDF Reader Download Setup program FoxIT PDF Reader. This is an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader which operates quicker and more efficiently.
Security Hasp Driver Download Driver software for the security hasp. Compatible with Windows 7 both 32-bit and 64-bit.
Security Hasp Driver (command line) Download Driver software for the security hasp to be run from a command line prompt. Compatible with Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit, and Windows 8. Note that the command window must be run as an Administrator.
Licence Manager Setup Download Setup files for Aladdin Licence Manager Version 8.32 (Nethasp software)
Hasp Utility Download Download a utility for editing security hasp settings on computers where neither Business Manager or Paint manager are loaded
MDBPlus Download Access database viewer MDBPlus.
LDBView Download A utility which interprets the lock files (.ldb) associated with MSAccess databases (.mdb)
UltraVNC Download Install UltraVNC version 1.01
NZ Data NZ_Data Replace empty databases from a new Business Manager installation with empty databases pre-configured for the NZ repair industry.
Register Vista Files Download Register certain system files necessary to allow features of Business Manager to run under Vista and Windows 7. Users should save this file to Desktop, then right click and "Run as Administrator" . Note that you must be logged in as an administrator to see this option.
NTAR Program Files
Program modules for Estimate and Mailbox compatible with NTAR are now available from the All Files Update above.
FileZilla Download FileZilla is a useful FTP file transfer manager.
FileZilla for server Download Server version of FileZilla